Foreclosure Servicing & Bank Owned Assets

J A Wood Management Can assist all Banks, Attorneys, Realtors, Trustees, Receiver’s. J A Wood Management LLC, can assist you with a variety of services for the asset you have been entrusted to either foreclose on or sell. We realize that your reputation is on the line and customer satisfaction with your clients is a high priority.  J A Wood preserves the most valuable assets with your goal in mind.

Eviction Assistance

Full Cleaning out foreclosed Homes


Change Locks and Securing

Animal Removal

Debris Removal

Crime Prevention

Boarding up and Winterizing Homes

Preserving the asset for future sales

24 Hour on Call

Weekly Asset checks

Grounds Maintenance


Demolition Services

*All work is handled professionally and confidentially

We know how to save your property money with over 20 years experience

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